Check out that Park! –>Rothsville Lion’s Park

In honor of Park and Recreation Month, let’s highlight another local park in our “Check out that Park!” segment. Rothsville Lion’s Park is located in Rothsville in between Church St. and Twin Brook Rd. This park has a pavilion available to rent. There is a baseball diamond that is used by Warwick Little League. There is also some playground equipment. The open field space is great for group games and there two sand volleyball courts near the Church St. entrance of the park. This park is currently in a rehabilitation project. Two outdoor pickleball courts, a full sized basketball court and an in-line hockey court are all proposed to be put in. Please keep an eye out towards the end of spring 2016 and the beginner of summer 2016 for these great amenities to be added! Don’t just take our word for it; make sure you go and “Check out that Park!” to see for yourself.

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