WERT: Warwick to Ephrata Rail-Trail

Thursday, October 1 marks the start date for the next phase of Warwick Township’s portion of the rail-trail (weather permitting). The WERT system runs from Warwick Township through Akron Borough, Ephrata Borough and Ephrata Township. When the whole system is complete, hopefully in 2018, the trail will run from Broad St. in Lititz Borough to Main St. in Ephrata Borough. This year Warwick Township will have completed the next phase from the Municipal campus out to Newport Rd. 2016 Warwick Township has two planned phases to be completed. Those phases will be from Newport Rd. to Picnic Woods Rd. and then from Millway Rd. to Akron Borough’s portion of the system. For the full phases map visit the Trails tab. For more information or questions contact the WRRC office or the Warwick Township Office.

_DSC0370 _DSC0377 - Copy_DSC0364 _DSC0366 - Copy _DSC0367 - Copy

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