Park Updates

We have several difference park projects underway in the region. New St. Park in Lititz Borough has recently had new playground equipment placed in. Lititz Borough has been working with Land Studies to improve this park. There has been some work done around the stream. More green life has been added. There will be an added meadow and a more defined trail will follow around the stream to Water St. and then back down the other side of the stream back towards New St. There was some leveling and work of the land a walking path down to the stream has been creating for a safe way for children and the community to explore the stream. This will provide an educational access point to the stream. Keep an eye out for the Lititz rec Environmental Camp at the New St. Park this summer.  There will be more exciting improvements to come to this park in the future.

_DSC1152 _DSC1153 _DSC1154 _DSC1158  _DSC1169 _DSC1172 _DSC1173

Another park to look at this summer in Lititz Borough is Spruce St. Park. Now with a new park sign you cannot miss this park and what it has to offer. You will find Warwick Little League using the baseball diamond this spring season.  New playground equipment was just added last year. Lititz Borough is working hard on put up a pavilion in the corner of the park. Keep an eye out in June for the Summer Playground Program being offered there Mondays and & Wednesdays 9:30am-12noon. The program will meet out the new pavilion!

_DSC1180 _DSC1182 _DSC1185 _DSC1186

Rothsville Lion’s Park project is underway as well. This summer expect to see a new full-sized basketball court as well as two outdoor pickleball courts; great improvements to our local parks in the region. All the more reason for you to participate in outdoor recreation!

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