Park and Recreation Month

It is that time of year again, Park and Recreation Month. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy our local parks and trail systems? Make sure you make it outside and take advantage of the local amenities at the parks and trails. Each municipality has something to offer. Please share you pictures, activities or games with us on our Facebook Page. Use the #PRMwarwick

Warwick Township:

  • Parks: Linear Park (231 E. Market St.), Municipal Park (315 Clay Rd.), Rothsville Lion’s Park (20 Twin Brook Rd.), and Riparian Park (Route 772 & Clay Rd.)
  • Trails: WERT, Lititz Warwick Trailway, Bonfield Trail, Newport Square Trail, and Municipal Campus Trail

Lititz Borough:

  • Parks: Spruce St. Park (Spruce St. & 2nd), New Street Park (Water St. at the Santo Domingo Creek & E. New St. at Locust St.) Skate Park (Behind Lititz Springs Pool)
  • Trails: Lititz/Warwick Trails, Butterfly Acres (6th & Cedar St. and 6th St. at Locust St.) and Sidewalk System

Elizabeth Township:

  • Parks: Municipal Park (423 South View Dr.) and Community Park (118 E. 28 Divisional Hwy.)
  • Trails: Elizabeth Twp. Park Trailway, Horseshoe Trail

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