Some basic history of the community:
The early history of the region is related to the development and growth of the agricultural industry, which attracted farming families to the area as early as the 1700’s and evolved into the small town/agricultural landscape that exists today. Warwick Township was formed in 1729 and later split in 1757 to create Elizabeth Township. Elizabeth Township was split again in 1853 to form the present townships of Elizabeth and Clay. Lititz Borough originated in 1755 as a result of a 491-acre land deed by John George Klein to the Moravian Community for the establishment of the town. Lititz was originally a closed community, open only to members of the Moravian Church, and did not become an open community until 100 years later in 1855 when lots owned by the church were sold and could be purchased by non-Moravians. The Borough of Lititz was incorporated in 1888.

Also, historically important to the development of the region’s earliest villages was the construction of the area’s first blast furnace built in 1741 in Brickerville, the largest village in Elizabeth Township today. Other smaller villages in the region include Elm, Poplar Grove and Lexington in Elizabeth Township, and Rothsville and Brunnerville in Warwick Township.

The community of Lititz is welcoming and open. Lititz has much to offer. There are many attractions to visit, sights to see, and parks to explore. There are several different places to volunteer or different organizations to be involved in. Explore the tabs below to see the recreation options, Lititz attractions and other resources that Lititz has to offer.

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