About WRRC


What is the Warwick Regional Recreation Commission?

Warwick Regional Recreation Commission (WRRC) is a group of different entities in northern Lancaster County which cooperatively work together to serve the community. The municipalities of Lititz Borough, Warwick Township and Elizabeth Township fund this regional parks and recreation commission. The level of funding from each municipality is based on a formula that uses percentages of the total population. The region population is broken down as follows: Warwick Township 55% , Lititz Borough 32 % and Elizabeth Township 14 %. The Warwick School District and the Lititz recCenter are also WRRC partners who provide office space and a facility use scheduling system.

What is the goal of the WRRC? 

The goal of the WRRC is to integrate all the entities that provide recreation in the region in order to produce a comprehensive park and recreation system for the region. The WRRC ensures a quality experience for the community by organizing, coordinating and efficiently streamlining regional recreation providers.

WRRC Mission Statement

The Warwick Regional Recreation Commission (WRRC) is an inter-governmental agency committed to providing information, knowledge and enhancement of the parks and recreation opportunities for the residents of the Warwick School District.

WRRC Priorities

  1. Create a playground inspection schedule. The following parks: Spruce St. Park, New Street Park, Linear Park, Warwick Township Municipal Park, Rothsville Park, Elizabeth Township Municipal Park and Elizabeth Township Community Park will be inspected between the months of March and June every year. They only exception is when a municipality delays inspection due to current projects.
  2. Solicit quotes for liability insurance on behalf of the recreation commission. Anticipate savings due to bulk approach.
  3. Continue to schedule the use of all facilities for each participating entity. Create a schedule and facilitate equitable use between all sport organizations both in season and out of season.
  4. Create a year round field maintenance schedule. This schedule should specify the rotation of fields resting so that field scheduling is easier and it should specify what is expected from the entities and the groups that are using the fields. All entities will communicate to the WRRC field availability, changes and maintenance schedules. WRRC will inform sport organizations of changes and compromises will be made between groups for scheduling when necessary.
  5. Establish a capital plan for the repair and maintenance of the Lititz Springs Pool. Secure possible funding for this project.
  6. Continue to work on funding options for construction of the Lititz/Warwick Trailway.
  7. WRRC will create a website that is interactive and informative. Posts, pictures and updates can be posted on the homepage while other information can be posted on sub-pages.
  8. The LrC and partners will continue to work together to create and offer more recreation opportunities for all ages groups, specifically the 55 years and older group.
  9. Begin to plan and create a new 5-year comprehensive recreation, park and open space plan.
  10. Plan and create outdoor programming.  Provide more programs to be held at parks/trails for the community.
  11. Develop more private and public partnerships within the community to support recreational opportunities and access.

Benefits of WRRC

  • Coordination of the many existing community recreation organizations and groups, most of which are volunteers. A recreation commission improves communication among these important groups and helps to identify ways to share resources and work together.
  • It will provide someone who:
    • works with the parks and recreation facility providers, both public and private to ensure proper upkeep and care for the facilities and adherence to safety standards.
    • writes grant applications
    • oversees park, field and facility scheduling.
    • seeks funding for the recreation and parks projects
    • promotes all recreation opportunities
    • assists the youth sport organizations
    • helps enhance community special events
    • assists municipalities with park acquisition and development projects.
    • finds ways o fill the gaps of the recreation system and ways to eliminate duplication.
  • Implements the recommendations of the Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan
  • Help to make school buildings and grounds open more often for the community use. Improve the access of these tax-supported facilities expand the number of parks and recreation areas available for the community.
  • Fund more gran dollars for the region. Inter-governmental efforts rank higher during grant application reviews and regional entities have more grant success.
  • It provides a central source of information about the recreation opportunities available for residents. A regional recreation commission operates as a clearinghouse, a “one-stop shop” for all recreation and parks information. It helps to better promote the regional offerings.
  • It shares indirect costs and administrative expenses. None of the municipalities have and adequate population of financially support of full-time recreation commission by themselves. Municipalities save money and avoid duplication by pulling funds and working together.

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